Things are about to change...
Its time to register for kNOw ID

All clubs and bars are under continued pressure from the Government and Police to combat Under Age drinking. This system will help keep the Under 18's out of our town centre at night. .

We've also listened to your feedback and we know that YOU are getting tired of forever having to show ID to Door Supervisors and Bar Staff every time you want to buy a drink.

Official documents such as Passports and Driving Licences are also very expensive to replace if you lose them. Therefore, KNOW ID could save you money.


Something to remember...

Falsely providing information is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE (Fraud Act 2006) and we will not allow you to register unless ALL our requirements are met. So please do not try…


Lion Lion Cheeky Monkey

What's it all about?

'KNOW ID' is a Biometric Age Verification Scheme that has been introduced by the Mansfield Association of Late Night Venues (MALV).

We are the first town in the UK to introduce such a ground breaking scheme. If you are under 21, we encourage you to register...once you're registered, you won't have to bring your ID into Mansfield to enjoy the following great venues; The Late Lounge, Q.i, Liquid, Illusions, The Cheeky Monkey, andwhynot , Lloyds No.1, Rush, The Widow Frost and Martha's Vineyard.

Following our 6 month pilot scheme and securing more funding, we're hoping ALL bars in the town centre will be part of 'KNOW ID'

How much does it cost?

To you.. our customers.. nothing.. Its absolutely FREE

How & where do I register?

Its simple… we are hosting registration events at Ambitions Personnel's office on Leeming Street from 8pm until 11pm every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night from Thursday 13th May for 6 weeks. Registration takes just 5 mins. Just show our staff your Photographic ID (Passport or Driving Licence), fill out a simple form (we can help you if you like, no problem) then swipe your fingerprint over our 'KNOW ID' Reader and that's it... you're registered!! When the system becomes LIVE in June 2010 you'll never have to bring your ID out again… simple.

Can I Pre-Register online?

You can print off a registration form by clicking here. It will speed things up at our registration events at Ambitions Personnel if you bring us your form completed. Remember to bring your Photographic ID though!

Who holds my information?

All your personal details are kept on MALV's secure database. We comply with the privacy and data protection laws of the United Kingdom Government, which are among the worlds toughest. so be sure that your information is secure. The KNOW ID Readers only save your fingerprint.. NOT your personal information. MALV will not share your information with any third party organisations.

Does being registered guarantee me admission to venues?

Of course not... You'll still have to abide by the venues door policy; however, we're confident the KNOW ID scheme will speed up queues etc.

I have no Photographic ID, what can I do?

The best way is to register for a Citizens Card first. Get an application form from here KNOW ID will be able to accept these cards as official proof of ID.

Who do I contact for further information?

Email us at We'll do our best to reply as soon as possible.